These two. Longtime buddies. They cracked me up out in the field.

Chef Tracy Dempsey, the oh-so-talented creator of ingenious desserts ( and savory dishes), and grower Carl Seacat are teaming up again. Carl grows his famous vegetables and incredible “Popeye” spinach at this garden in Tempe. You can find details about the friendship between these two in our Arizona On a Plate story in the spring edition of Edible Phoenix.  They are also collaborating on a special dinner…

You are invited to the Arizona on a Plate dinner and bakery tour at Tracy Dempsey Originals at 6 p.m. on March 15th. We’re going to feast on organic deliciousness from Seacat Gardens, and of course Chef Tracy has created an awesome menu, and the wines will be fabulous. 

Edible Phoenix publisher Pamela Hamilton and I are having a good time with this, and yes, we are kind of winging it. Well, I am anyway. Knowing Pamela, of course, it will be secretly be very organized. A fun perk about this dinner, is that it will be held in a nifty space located right next door to Tracy Dempsey Originals, and Tracy will give tours. You can check out Tracy’s commercial bakery, and see where she works her magic. 

I photographed this image at Tracy’s bakery for the Arizona on a Plate article for Edible Phoenix on a sunny morning last month, after catching up with these two at the Tempe garden nearby, where Carl grows his unbelievable produce. The sun was so bright that day. Thankfully Jenelle Bonifield of Food & Lifestyles was there to use a giant diffuser near the doorway, which helped to soften the intense light. 

Pamela, Tracy, Carl and I plan on setting up the shindig buffet style, and decorating the tables with those giant Seacat vegetables. Just thinking about that makes me smile. Below is an image of the space that will be used for our dinner, located next to Tracy’s bakery. We photographed the carrots and spinach dish on that little table (Jenelle left, and Tracy on right). Looking forward to transforming this cool space for the dinner. 

I want to see your faces there, and, because I won’t be photographing that evening, I can just enjoy chatting with guests. Did I mention the oh- so-important libations yet? Beverages will be provided by FIJI water, Dos Cabezas, Callaghan, and garage east. Super cool. 

Please join us for dinner, my fellow local food and wine enthusiasts! I’m looking forward to taking the night off, hearing what Carl and Tracy have to say, taking the kitchen tour, and tasting that wine and all those scrumptious dishes. Who knows what kind of shenanigans will take place? Click here for the full story in Edible Phoenix, including the menu, and ticket  information.